Chinese Star Ayi Jihu looking to empower females in new belly dance video

Chinese star Ayi Jihu hoping to empower women in her new belly dancer video

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu is looking to empower females in her new belly dancer video that will accompany the single. Ayi will be teaming up with Italian Belly Dance Queen Claudia Massera for the video. The video will feature a an all female cast and true belly dancing, something Ayi told us she was learning from Claudia. It seems the Chinese Madonna is now looking to become the Chinese Shakira?

Ayi Jihu

I have done some sort of Belly Dancing in the past, but when I look at what Claudia is teaching me I realise I was not really doing belly dancing. I am really looking forward to doing it right and showing the world in my new video. I want to fuse it with my style of dancing and try to come up with something a little different. Claudia is amazing and the things she can do with her body is crazy, I’m not sure I can do all of that but I am going to try and get as close to it as I can.

Ayi has had a busy year so far. She has just returned from Canada launching the Young Native™ Fashion Line with top Native designer Angela DeMontigny. She also shot the brand new Conceptual Teaser Trailer for her FearChaser™ Film which will be revealed next week. Ayi has just finished recording a brand new single with Production and artist crew Move Makers also and that single is due out after Belly Dancer. Right now she is concentrating on getting her belly dancing skills up to scratch for the video.

World Class Belly Dancer Claudia Massera will star with Ayi Jihu in her new Belly Dancer video

World Class Belly Dancer Claudia Massera will star with Ayi Jihu in her new Belly Dancer video

Claudia Massera has long been at the top of the UK Belly Dancing scene. She teaches and performs all over the UK and is also releasing her own single this year. Claudia combines Belly Dancing with keeping fit. Just like Ayi Jihu she is committed to empowering females through Belly Dance.

World Class Belly Dancer Claudia Massera

World Class Belly Dancer Claudia Massera

Claudia Massera

When I was introduced to Ayi’s new belly dancer single I knew straight away I wanted to be involved. It’s almost perfect for what I do and the fact that someone else is doing a song about Belly Dance and not me is even better. I think it would be too obvious if I did it. At first I could not believe it was a Chinese person, because we do not associate Chinese people with Belly Dance. I know it is very big over there though. Once I met Ayi and saw her work, listened to her music it made perfect sense, this girl seems to break all the rules and do things her own way. She is a woman after my own heart and we have much in common. We both want to empower females while keeping them sexy and feminine. We both want to use music and dance to achieve our goals and we both love Belly Dance, so we just hit it off straight away really. I’m training her for the video and she learns very fast. Proper belly dancing is different to what she has done before so I had to start her from scratch. She is an amazing dancer and I want to choreograph something that shows her style of dancing also.

I’m really looking forward to shooting the video and showing even more of the world the beauty of real Belly Dancing. I will have some of my best Belly Dancing girls in the video and they are all super excited too. We want to invite as many women interested in being in the video to contact us. It will be a really fun day, they can contact me on my facebook

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu is set to release her new Belly Dancer single late this year

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu is set to release her new Belly Dancer single late this year

Ayi Jihu is set to release her new Belly Dancer single late September. She wrote the song with original producer Stevie Eagle E and then the track was taken on by Australian super producer Paul Wiltshire. Paul has produced The Backstreet Boys, Human Nature and even Engelbert Humperdinck he is a multi-platinum selling producer many times over. The single package will include both the Paul Wiltshire and Stevie Eagle E versions of the Song. The video will be performed to the Paul Wiltshire version of Belly Dancer and released through Shepp Records.

Shooting on the Belly Dancer video will take place towards the end of August at a location in London. Ayi Jihu and Claudia Massera are hoping for a female empowering, hot, sexy and fun video that will knock your socks off!

For more information on Ayi Jihu visit her website

For more information on Claudia Massera visit her website Belly Dance Mind

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