50 cents would not kick me because I would kick him first Ayi Jihu

Chinese star Ayi Jihu says she would not allow any man to kick her without  kicking them first

Chinese star Ayi Jihu says she would not allow any man to kick her without kicking them first

Chinese independent crossover star Ayi Jihu has come out all guns blazing about the 50 cent ‘kicking his ex girlfriend’ story. Surprisingly though she has not come down on 50 cents.  Instead Ayi Jihu has come out against what she calls the culture of passive women in the media and news.  In her own words she stated; “I would not allow any man no matter how big to kick me or even think they could get away with that. I would be kicking them first!”

Chinese star Ayi Jihu is also known as Fear Chaser

Chinese star Ayi Jihu is also known as Fear Chaser

Ayi Jihu also known as Fear Chaser™ A superhero character she created that fights fears says that all the women in her family (with the exception of her mother) have big tempers and will fight anybody.  Her Fear Chaser superhero captured the imagination of over 25 million kids around the world when it was turned into an online game on Adventure Quest worlds and it is now being made into a film. Ayi Jihu continued: ‘ I am a Woman of Action for a celebration of Women Foundation inc, and I am global Ambassador for Sisha the anti-human trafficking organization.  I see and hear many things and know it is not always as straightforward as it seems.  Women get themselves trapped in violent relationships or situations all the time and many just do not know how to get out of it.  Every situation is different so I cannot speak for the woman who is bringing the charges against 50 cent. All I can say is if that were me he would be the one bringing the charges because I would not run from him and I sure as hell would not let him or anyone kick me without kicking them first or kicking them back twice as hard!

Ayi Jihu who just returned from Canada promoting launch of Young Native™ Fashion line as well as shooting the new teaser trailer for Fearchaser™ told us that she may be small but she will not run from any man. ‘The more afraid I get the more I stand my ground in fact I start chasing the thing that scares me. That is how the whole FearChaser thing came about. My Manager kept telling me that I seem to run towards my fears not away from them. He said ‘it seems to me you chase your fears’ and that is how we came up with the whole Fear Chaser thing.  I cannot imagine me running into a bedroom and hiding behind a door because my boyfriend was angry. I can imagine him doing that or both of us going at it toe to toe’

Chinese star Ayi Jihu is global Ambassador for Young Native Fashion

Chinese star Ayi Jihu is global Ambassador for Young Native Fashion

Ayi Jihu explained to us that she personally does not understand many things about ‘Show biz’ relationships. ‘Sometimes you see these women who present a strong image to the world acting the exact opposite when it comes to their relationships I do not quite get it.  I understand that relationships are complex and all kinds of crazy stuff happens but I feel that we women in the spotlight have a duty to represent better than many of us are doing?  It seems to me that everything is about money, getting money or making someone pay.  It is very rare you see to people trying to resolve things, communicate or work it out.  Everyone is just going at each other.  In China things are very different, In fact even in the UK things are different from America but you can see things changing here too.  I think couples have always fought each other and sometimes things get out of hand, it is not always the man either but these days the slightest thing and you are in court and everyone is hearing every detail of your life. I pray I can avoid that sort of thing.  One thing I know for sure If I was dating 50 cent and he got violent towards me I’m going for my high heels and getting into kicking mode and before he could even think about kicking me, I would be kicking him first.  After all I am Ayi Jihu, the Fearchaser right.’


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