Film Review: ‘If Only’ by Fredi Kruga – Dawn of a new Star!

Fredi Kruga speaks before screening of this film 'If Only'

Fredi Kruga speaks before screening of this film ‘If Only’

There are many reasons why short films do not always ignite the public interest.  For one they are not often commercial enough and also they can be a little self absorbed.  It’s a shame though that the public perception of short films is not better because there are some real gems out there.  Fredi Kruga’s ‘If Only’ is one of them.

15 Years ago a trip to the cinema in the UK almost guaranteed you a look at a short film of some sort.  Now it’s just the advertising that takes up the time before the film starts. That shift has been telling in marginalizing short film makers even more.  It makes you ask the question, Why does anyone bother to make a short film anyway?  There is little money in it and so much hassle!  The answer is that some people have something to say and they are not first and fore-mostly preoccupied with making loads of money.  They want to say something, share something, teach, educate and enlighten as well as entertain.  ‘If Only’ does all of this and it does it very well indeed.

I am not sure what I expected when I sat down at BAFTA waiting for the movie to start.  I think I, like many others in the packed cinema were not expecting too much.  We were ready to applaud the effort and the motivation behind ‘If Only’ Because surely one time Gang Member Fredi Kruga could not make a really great little movie on his first go, starting from scratch?……Wrong,  He could.

I cannot say too much about ‘If Only’ story line as it would give things away.  What I can tell you is the acting is all around very good and in some cases fantastic,  many of the cast are not actors by trade, or this was their first movie.  You become so absorbed in the story as it unfolds you rarely notice that at all.  The Story itself is fantastic.  I must really applaud Fredi’s story telling ability as there is not one moment in this movie where you find yourself reaching for popcorn (There wasn’t any anyway) or wondering if your bladder is going to hold out.  Yes there are moments in the movie where it could be a little bit better technically but those are far and few between and considering this is his first movie all I can say is WOW!   To be more specific I would say after the first 2-3 minutes where it was a little too dark until the end it’s kinda flawless.  You are locked in totally and there is no getting out.

I have often thought if someone says ‘Keeping it real’ to me one more time I’m gonna throw up.  So many people use that phrase when what they do could not be further from ‘the real’. It’s one of those hijacked things like so called RnB these days.  Many movies of this type especially those made in the UK attempt to ‘keep it real’,  but I have found the French are much more adept in this genre at ‘Keeping it real’ than the British.  However along comes Fredi Kruga with a movie that not only ‘keeps it real’,  but keeps it commercial too.  Just how the hell did he manage that one wonders.  It seems to me Fredi Kruga did not try to be anything but himself or do anything but tell the truth with ‘If Only’ and it shows.  Plus Fredi knows more than most all about the subject of Gangs and street violence.

If Only has caught the imagination of many people including the press and media just look at what the BBC have to say about it here.  This film is one that you MUST try to go and see if you can.  You will not be disappointed.  Another screening of the movie (You have to purchase a ticket) is set for Sunday the 3rd of March,  for more details or to purchase your ticket go here.

As Fredi Kruga begins to take his ‘If Only’ movie out on the road as an educational tool for schools, Prisons and community centers it’s obvious to see that the sky is the limit for this talented enigmatic man.  He has drawn support from all over the community, not just the Black community either. He has reached out to other trailblazing, philanthropic and entrepreneurial souls like Chinese Star Ayi Jihu to spread his cause, Now the Chinese are looking at this short film with interest.   Fredi Kruga is not just talented, he is shrewd and savvy too.

Ayi Jihu with Fredi Kruga at the screening of his new movie 'If Only'

Ayi Jihu with Fredi Kruga at the screening of his new movie ‘If Only’

Do something a little different.  Grab your kids don’t go and see a blockbuster movie this time.  Take them to see ‘If Only’ especially if you have kids that feel the streets are paved with gold.  They will be entertained, They will be encouraged, and they will be educated.  Also they may just do something kids rarely seem to do these days.  They may well thank you for it.

Watch the trailer below:

To find out more about If only and Fredi’s C.R.I.M.E organisation go here.

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