Chinese Star Ayi Steps out to British Film event in London

Ground Breaking Chinese Star Ayi Jihu

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu stepped out in London to the ‘As Blue As The Sky’ private movie event at Mango Lounge in Earls Court. Ayi Jihu has a small part in this British Romantic Drama and this was her first real meeting with the Director and some of the producers of the film since finding out she was going to be in the film.

Ayi Jihu met up with several friends including the owner of the cool Mango Lounge bar, Oliver at the event.

Ayi was accompanied by Shlepp CEO Stevie Eagle E.

Ayi Jihu got to meet some to the producers involved in the film ‘As Blue As the Sky’ Like James Daley. The Main producer of the Film Frederick Archer was not able to attend the event.

Ayi spent much of her time meeting and greeting various investors involved in the film. All of them seemingly eager to embrace the Chinese interest Ayi Jihu brings to the film.

For The Director of the Film Wayne Campbell this was not his first time meeting Ayi Jihu. He directed her the first music video she was ever in almost 5 years ago at Shlepp Records in London. He recommended Ayi for this role in ‘As Blue As The Sky’ Wayne Campbell told us: ‘It is amazing to see the rise of Ayi Jihu since I first met her almost 5 years ago. She was just an extra in a music video I was shooting for Shlepp Entertainment and we all could not take our eyes of her in the editing suite. It was obvious she stole the show on the video then and we actually went back and shot more of the video around her. Like many people I have been keeping my eye on her progress over the years and it has been a while since she has been back in the UK as she always seems to be in some exotic location around the globe. When we looked at Casting for this movie we knew right away we needed every edge we can get being an independent film. Ayi is not only perfect for the part but she brings a lot of interest and eyes from all over the world and hopefully that will put a few more bums on seats. If her first video is anything to go by we can expect her first big screen experience to to really go of the chain. She has a way of doing that to the things she touches. We are all excited about having her on board.

Ayi Jihu broke out in her custom raw laugh when Director Wayne Campbell tried to explain her role in the movie. Apparantly whatever it is she will not be wearing much we have been told.

Global News have also been told at least one Ayi song will be included in the film Soundtrack.

As Blue As The Sky is a Romantic Drama set in Dorset UK. The movie is supposed to be a real tear jerker. Based on a true story It explores the the scenario of losing and find love from a slightly different perspective. The film is slated to break ground on production early 2013.

Ayi Jihu has a busy 2013 lined up with her new album and several other film projects including Fear Chaser starting to break ground also.

Special thanks to Royal Cars London, Chicane Film Productions and Mango Lounge

For more information on Ayi Jihu visit her website.

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