The Rise and Rise of the Dream Idols – The full inside scoop on the boys everyone’s talking about.

It has been less than 3 months since the launch of the Dream Idols and in that time they have changed the landscape of ‘Strip Tease’ and Male Glamour drastically.  From Film to TV these boys are in great demand working with giants such as Lionsgate and international stars such as Channing Tatum.  They are also on  UK TV favorites like ‘This Morning’.  Has stripping gone mainstream?  Or is there just much more to these boys than purely getting your kit off?

They have been called ‘The New Monkies’ and the ‘Spice Boys’ so we decided to get behind the skin of the Dream Idols and find out a little more about the boys for you.


Billy is the spiritual leader of the Dream Idols.   A Gemini whose favorite colour is ‘Baby Blue’ which matches his nick name Billy Blue Eyes too.  His playful nature sometimes hides a deep thinker whose favorite movie is ‘The Shawshank Redemption’.  Billy is a Brief not a Boxer wearer,  he feels they make everything look good.   When looking for a woman he checks out the height first,   Billy ain’t the tallest so he does not want to stand on a box to kiss his gal.   That aside personality plays the most important part and he likes a woman with strong morals and a good work ethic.

When it comes to music he likes to think he is eclectic.   However nothing beats MJ the king of Pop.   He never gets bored with MJ. When he is on the stage he loves to feed of the energy of his fellow Dream Idols and the vibe of the crowd.   He feels blessed to be living his dream and puts everything he has into every performance.   When we gave him three wishes he asked for 1. Unlimited wishes (typical Billy) 2. The ability to retain information instantly  3. He would love to make the weather in the UK better.   A perfect date would be a fun day out at Alton Towers followed by a 5 star meal then a DVD and Snuggle on the sofa.  When he is alone at home Billy likes to keep the place clean, and loves to cook and when he is not doing either chill on the sofa or in bed with a good movie.   A big fish eater Billy loves his prawns, salmon and lobster.  That does not mean a good steak wont go down well.   Dessert he is a sucker for (like most English men), but Crème brûlée is one of his favorites.  A man with no pets Billy’s Dream is just simple happiness, or to be and feel happy no matter what he is doing.  When he does hit the town A Vodka Red Bull Disaronno and coke is his preferred tipple and when he is out a Vanilla milkshake is heaven.   When we asked him where he would love to go and why he said “To the Lottery Office to pick up my Euro Millions cheque.”

Billy loves being a part of the Dream Idols and has a great laugh when he is with the other boys. ‘It’s the highlight of his week when the boys get together’ he says.


The Italian Stallion, Lorenz brings the Latin flavour to the Dream Idols.   Another blue-eyed boy, Lorenz ‘loves’ under the Aquarius star sign.   His love of Italian history (especially Roman)  means ‘Gladiator’ is his favourite movie and when it comes to Boxers or Briefs he is not fussy. It all depends on how the mood takes him that day.  When he meets a woman he is focused firmly on the eyes. That is what draws him in or gets his attention more than anything else.  When it comes to music he makes his choice based on his mood and that can change from rock to rap or chilled out opera, it all depends on how he is feeling and he likes to choose music to reflect his mood at the time.  When he is on stage he loves the part when he is looking at himself in the mirrors he says…jokingly.  He also says the bigger the crowd the bigger the rush.

When given three wishes his answer reflects the traditional Italian boy who resides within.  Good health, Happiness and a great lifestyle.   His idea of a perfect date is whatever feels right on the day and left to himself he likes to read and meditate.  When it comes to what he like to eat its ‘Mama’s home cooking’, nothing beats that.  A man with no pets of his own he would love to have a dog and later on dreams of owning horses.  His favourite drink is a good glass of red wine,  not a surprise given he is Italian and they know good red wine.  He loves to travel and having been most places has Vegas on his list of next visits.   He loves the energy that happens when the boys get together and the joy they give to the fans.   He believes this is a great blessing and a great gift.


Green eyed Lewis is like the baby of the group and he is the one that always seems to have a smile on his face.   A Scorpio he shares Billys love for the movie’ Shawshank Redemption’. Briefs are for Lewis not Boxers and like Lorenz a great set of eyes are what he finds attractive in a woman.  He loves his Soul music.  Being the singer in the group and a working towards one day putting out his own music, Lewis tends to take his Soul music very seriously.  This is reflected in his Three wishes. 1.To get a Recording deal. 2. To write the best-selling record of all time. 3. To have a happy family.

If you question him about the perfect date his is quick with his answer.  ‘Great company and great food’, that is what floats his boat.  When he is at home he gets back to his passion; Soul and singing,  playing his guitar or his piano, writing music.   Nothing is better than a nice Pizza for Lewis, he could eat three whole ones by himself.  His pet dog is called Kia and it’s a Rottweiler.  His all time dream is to get a number one song and he plans to make that dream a reality.   When he goes out Gin and Tonic is his flavour and when he gets a moment he likes to go to the Caribbean to vacation.   For him the boys are family and he loves being with them.   He loves the fact that they are like brothers and watch each others back.  When asked how he feels about them he says ‘I love them all!’


The tallest of the Dream Idols and known for his crazy comments Tommy’s favourite colour is red and he is a full on Aquarius.  Not known for staying awake when there is sleep to be had he tends to fall asleep even watching his favourite movie ‘Hook’, dreaming of himself as Peter Pan.  When it comes to Briefs or Boxers he sits firmly in the Boxer camp,  he likes to give his bits room to swing around.  Lorenz and Lewis both go for women’s eyes and Tommy is no different.  Eyes tell him everything he needs to know about a woman.

Hip Hop and R&B are Tommy’s thing.  That is the music he loves the most.  When he is on stage he loves the adulation of the women especially when they call his name.  When it comes to his three wishes it gets a bit more serious.  1. For his father to be well again 2. For Spurs to win the Premiere League (some things are just impossible Tommy)  3. For the Dream Idols to become as big and famous as he hopes.  On that score he is already well on the way to one of his wishes being fulfilled.   A perfect date is a nice meal and a drink so he can get to know someone better and to top it off a little bit of slap and tickle would not go amis.  When he is alone he enjoys walking around naked, so ladies get your binoculars out and go to 73……. (you wish right)?   All joking aside a DVD and a nice bottle of wine in front of the telly is good for Tommy.   He loves Mexican food especially Tacos and although his dog Buster is always sniffing around when he eats them he does not give in and give him any.   A true product of the times Tommy dreams of fame.   When he hits the town Disaronno and Coke is what he likes to drink.   When the time comes for Tommy to go on vacation he wants to head to Vegas for the bright lights, party nights and to also have a flutter.

Spending time with the boys is like being with family and he loves the banter and fun they have.


The consummate pro Ollie  seems to be just ahead by a nose in the Dream Idols eye candy Idolets survey.  Only by a nose mind, as all the boys have their own army of Idolets.   An Aries who loves the colour pink and whose favourite movie is ‘Van wilder party liaison’ tells its own story.   There is much more to Ollie than meets the eye and there is quite a bit to meet the eye too.  Ollie is a Brief man,  he is cool with Boxers though.  When it comes to women he loves a kind face.  He takes in the whole face and that is what draws him in or sends him packing.  A firm lover of dance music tells you much about his ability to shake dat butt.  He is more aerobic than swaggerlishous lets say.   When he is performing he loves the personal eye contact and the buzz he gets from one on one looks from his fans.  When it comes to his three wishes he wished for: 1. Eat as much as he likes and keep his six-pack  2. have an endless supply of Nutella  3. to have 3 more wishes.  I think he and Billy have been conspiring.

‘Two girls’ is what Ollie considers the perfect date.  I feel he and most men would agree on that one.  However when he is not with ‘two girls’ (he wishes) he is at home on his Xbox chilling out saving the world from baddies.  A healthy eater his favourite food is sushi which he has to keep well away from his three cats; Astro, Willow and Chloe.   His dream reflects many when he says he wishes to do what he likes, when he likes and have the money to do it.   All we can say there is join the que Ollie,  it’s a long one!   He loves his SF Redbull (although I have to say i am not sure what the SF is and we felt embarrassed to ask).

Ollie would love to take a trip around the world,  we did not ask him what mode of travel,  and we figure a hot air balloon would not be his style.   When asked what he enjoyed best about his fellow idols he replied;  ‘The fact that I’m the best looking’.  That sums up Ollie, a joker to the end.


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The future for the Dream Idols looks very rosy.  With more TV, and Film collaborations on the horizon and a sell out at their Aura Mayfair residency weeks before the first show on 27th of September they are sitting pretty.

Top that off with their Residency at the ultimate party brand Pacha  and you can see they are upwardly mobile.   The British press have taken to this merry band of boys like no other before them too and that bodes well.   The Dream Idols are not content though just to rule in Grand Britannia and they are surging forward spreading their brand overseas,   so watch out USA, Europe perhaps even China!?

Keep up with the Dream Idols follow them on twitter @Dreamidols1

Check out the Official Dream Idol website.

Find out more about Aura

Find out more about Pacha




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