Chinese Star Ayi Jihu and the Mayor of Cambridge support Charity football event

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu and the Mayor of Cambridge came together to support a Charity football match between the Indian and Chinese top footballing teams.

Ayi Jihu turned heads in her outfit designed by Native Designer Angela DeMontigny

Ayi Jihu is well known within the Indian Community in Cambridge and has many friends there.

In a close match the Indian team ended up winners with two stunning late goals after the Chinese team had taken the lead in the first half.

When asked who she wanted to win Ayi Jihu replied “It’s a win, win for me. My brother and many of my friends play on the Chinese team, but I also have loads of friends on the Indian team. So I was not too bothered who won really. I just wanted to see my brother score a goal. This event is to raise money for Charity and it’s great to see so many people turning up and showing their support.”

A good time was had by all as both teams picked up trophies for taken part in the event.

Fans and supporters were all treated to a fantastic Indian buffet after the game.

For More information on Ayi Jihu visit her website at


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