More fires blazing in Africa than in Brazil

Africa is burning more than the Amazon!

Africa is on fire!  Right now in Africa fires are blazing out of control.  In Angola and DRC thousands of fires are burning out of control.  The facts are that Brazil is only 3rd in the world over the last 48 hours in wildfires.
Why Roots on BBC4 is a must watch for everyone.

Why Roots on BBC4 is a must watch for everyone.

It took way too long for the Remake of Alex Haley's Roots to hit the UK and then only to be aired on BBC4. When I first heard about it I was not impressed. The original was one of those things like 'Star Wars' woven into my past that should not be messed with. How could they improve on what was at the time and remains today one of the best TV shows of all time?
African celebrity Soleil NgoNga at Eden Roc

Eden Roc Resort In Miami To Implement Changes After African Celebrity Soleil NgoNga Suffers...

African celebrity, gospel singer and Philanthropist Soleil NgoNga returned to London after her well-deserved break at the luxury Eden Roc resort in Miami was ruined when all of her personal belongings were stolen on the beach. Soleil NgoNga who flew back to London to take part in the Birthday celebrations of Congo singing star Heritier Watanabe Said she was devastated as so many personal and valuable items were lost in one go. However, the star of 'A little Ray of Sunshine' TV show said that she would use the experience to make her stronger and wiser.

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